Health Benifits

Good for the Heart

The healthy fats in macademia nuts help keep the arteries in good heart-health condition.

Fight Disease

The flavonoids in macadamias prevent cell damage and convert to antioxidant, which scavenge free radicals and fight disease.

Aid in Weight Loss

Palmitoeic acid in the macadamia has the ability to increase fat metabolism which, in turn, reduces fat storage.

Supports the Gut

the macadamia helps you feel full while removing toxins from the body and assiting n good digestion.

Strengthens Bones

Macadamia nuts are plentiful in Phosphorus, Manganese and Magnesium, which aid in bone and teeth minerlization and the transportation and absorption of nutrients.

Keep the Brain & nervous system on point

The oleic acid in macadamia aids brain health while the palmitoleic acid helps protect nerve cells in the brain

Reduces Chronic inflammation & arthritis symptoms

macadamia nuts' low toxicity and inhibitory effect on inflammation has shown potential to reduce arthritis sysmtoms and prevent the onset of arthritis.